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Strategic IT Developments

IT development: Industry workshop 9-11am on 23 January, Carr Lane, Hull, HU1 3RE

  • KCOM is intending to make a strategic investment in its provisioning and fault management platform to enable its wholesale customers to manage the products that we supply them with remotely. The development activities will take place in phases beginning in 2020 and each of which will be driven by customer priorities. We intend, in the first instance, to prioritise the online ordering journey to enable you to provide the best possible end customer experience.
  • To help assist KCOM in the appearance and functionality of portal access and any back end developments, KCOM is holding this workshop to capture improvements that will make the most difference for our wholesale customers. The January workshop therefore provides a great opportunity for us to collate feedback on how we can optimise the ordering journey for you and to capture your requirements.
  • For those unable to attend the workshop in person, we will provide a Webinar of the event. We will be happy to take written feedback from you or set up a separate call should you wish to discuss your requirements further. Please submit any specification you consider critical, or helpful to us at: Similarly, if you would like to set up a meeting with us please send us an email and we will organise one with you.
  • Our Chief Technology Officer Tim Shaw will be attending the Industry workshop along with colleagues from our IT development team. The event will also be attended by our Wholesale team and our Director of Regulatory Affairs.
  • As we develop our new wholesale platform, it is critical to us that we do so with your business needs and priorities in mind. It is our intention to continue to engage with stakeholders as we move from design into prototype. As we build further capabilities in this space we will continue to work in an agile way with our customers. We welcome this opportunity to provide a great wholesale experience and look forward to meeting with you in January.

New Products

Wholesale FibreLine Local Access and Wholesale FibreLine Access

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